Jumia Black Friday 2016 Deals Date, What To Expect and How You Can Make Money From It

Posted by Lawrence Chukwu on 06:22 PM, 20-Oct-16

Jumia Black Friday 2016. Find out everything you need to know about Jumia black Friday 2016 deals. This year’s edition ofJumia Black Friday dealsis almost here , and Nigerians cannot wait to get massive discounts on their favourite products. Alot of people have asked me questions like “When isJumia Black Friday 2016 date?” and “What products will be among theJumia... [Read More]

How to Download Paid Android Games and Applications without spending a Dime

Posted by Lawrence Chukwu on 03:18 PM, 03-Oct-16

ThumbnailThis post is exclusively for Android users who are addicted to Games and Applications. The post will explain 3 different best ways on how you can get Paid Android Games and Applications for free, which are as follows: 1. File sharing Websites: - The best way to download Android games and applications for free is through file sharing websites. The... [Read More]

The Most Cheapest Online Shopping Malls in Nigeria

Posted by Lawrence Chukwu on 02:33 PM, 03-Oct-16

In Nigeria today, many different types of online shopping sites have emerged. Many of these online shopping sites ma have great deals at cheap prices. We have; Online clothes and dress shopping sites, Fashion online shopping sites , baby things online stores, online grocery shopping sites, online electronics stores, online phones and accessories shopping sites, online pharmaceutical stores, game shopping... [Read More]

How to Buy on Alibaba without stress

Posted by Lawrence Chukwu on 12:31 PM, 03-Oct-16

ThumbnailWe've introduced Alibaba to you, given you a review of it , and laid out some safety tips for you. Now, it's time to start using it! This tutorial will show you how to buy from Alibaba's wholesale department, from setting up an account to finding your item to paying and getting it shipped. Shopping on Alibaba is quite similar... [Read More]

How to Sell Items on Alibaba smoothly

Posted by Lawrence Chukwu on 12:24 PM, 03-Oct-16

We've shown you how to buy on Alibaba , but what if you want to sell your goods to other people and companies who use Alibaba ? This tutorial will go through the general steps of what you need to do to register as a supplier on Alibaba. It's somewhat similar to setting up a seller's We've shown you how... [Read More]

How to Make Money with Amazon Mechanical Turk Legitimately

Posted by Lawrence Chukwu on 12:05 PM, 03-Oct-16

Over the last month, tons of readers have written to me asking me about Amazon’s Mechanical Turk service. Can you actually earn reasonable money with it, or is it a scam? What is Mechanical Turk? For those unaware, Mechanical Turk is a service from Amazon where you can complete simple tasks in exchange for a tiny payment. For example, you... [Read More]

Lady accuses Benue state university lecturer of being a serial rapist with tiny penis

Posted by Lawrence Chukwu on 10:18 PM, 27-Sep-16

ThumbnailSo this lady, Stephanie Baaki posted in Benue Peoples Forum on Facebook an accusation calling a lecturer of the department of Political Science, Benue State University, Mkor Aondona, popularly known as MOPOL a serial rapist. She didn't stop there. She called him a rapist with tiny penis. Sheesh. Mr Aondona is a die hard supporter of Governor Ortom and has... [Read More]

Which of these meals is your favorite Sunday Rice combination

Posted by Lawrence Chukwu on 10:10 PM, 27-Sep-16

which of the following; Meals 1, 2, 3 or 4. Which one are you picking?

Etisalat Internet Configuration and Setting Code

Posted by Lawrence Chukwu on 06:50 PM, 26-Sep-16

ThumbnailIn This Topic We are Going to solve your Basic Etisalat Surf Needs by learning how to manuelly set our Etisalat sim card for internet accessing learning how to fastly set our Etisalat sim card using sms code without wasting much of our Time lets first start. the manuel settings, goto settings>mobile Network>select Etisalat>press your option button to see New Apn fill only... [Read More]